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The difference some people noticed after working with us…

No more apologising

                    ”I’ve spent most of my life                                      apologising. Before [the Enhance                        Living course], I would have blown my head and wouldn’t have spoken for two days or had to apologise for what I’d said. This time, I felt the anger rising and decided to go for a walk. I came back calm, so there was no awkwardness, or need to apologise…”

                   “The course made me realise how                       my brain is programmed and                             how I can change. Before, I felt I couldn’t change.”

                   “I’ve been more relaxed about my                        mood and feeling down. Before I’d                      want my mood to change, and get upset when it didn’t. This time I was relaxed about my mood and it changed! I’m much less ‘all or nothing’ and realise that what happened to me is not everything.” 

                   “I’ve taken up drawing again. I                              used to really enjoy it but didn’t                            make time for it after I got married.”

                  “I have learned to let go now. I’ve                          struggled for nearly two years to                          move house because of our noisy neighbours. Their noise would wake me up and I’d get upset, and my daughter would wake up too and we’d have a moan together. Or we would leave the house, spend money and I’d get more stressed about spending money. Now, when I get woken up I put the kettle on and go to bed 30mins later, or do some housework. My daughter goes back to sleep quickly too. I’ve changed and this has been better for my family.


                  "Dr Perera creates a relaxed                                environment and you feel like you                        are having a chat and find that you have spoken more openly than you have in years."

Family life is happier

                   "I’ve noticed the change and so                             have my kids. I used to be                                     constantly stressed and shouting at my children, which was horrible for everyone. Now I step back and talk to them calmly, and  feel a lot happier.”

                  “I used to be consumed with worry                      for the safety of my teenage                                 daughter. I’d worry when I put her on the bus to school whether she got there, and couldn’t let her out of sight or had to call all the time if she was away from me. [After the first week of the course] I was able to let her swim on her own while I went to the gym in another part of the sports centre. The next week I let her go away for 3 days on a school trip, without any phone contact. I’m using the practices taught on the course, and I feel more confident, my daughter is freer and we are much closer now too.”

                  “My daughter is being bullied at her                    club, and she has two                                          tournaments coming but wants to give up. I’ve helped her to see she can learn even from this experience and she’s had a better attitude to it.”

I am no longer afraid 

                   “I’ve been on anti-depressants and                       sleeping tablets for one and a half                       years. I went to the Drs this week and said I’d like to start coming off them. I feel stronger in myself and able to manage without becoming upset when events occur that would have upset me in the past.”

                   “When my child is due for their                             regular scans I’d get very anxious;                       have lots of worries about the outcome. Now I know how to face things as they come.”

                  “You see that you are not alone,                            and have more in common [with                        other people].

                  “I don’t like being around new                              people, so I was dreading my                              brother’s wedding which was over a whole weekend. Using the ‘detaching exercises’ I had a fantastic time. Things didn’t bother me, like they would have. I just was more myself. No one noticed, but I felt more at ease.” 

                    “I feel more comfortable to let my                       child be more independent despite                       her autism. She’s going to the Drs by herself now, before I would have wanted to be there with her. I used to over think everything: ‘what if this…? what if that…?’ now I treat her more as an adult and this has brought us closer together.”

Our courses are monitored. Participants give anonymous feedback after each day, as well as at the end of the course. This way we constantly improve the content and the way we train. We are proud to say that the average satisfaction rate is over 90%.


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