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Dr Em Perera

Em is a HCPC registered clinical psychologist, and guest lecturer at the University of Surrey and Canterbury Christchurch University. She has 20 years of mental health experience, as well as 10 years in education and international development, working with disadvantaged people in the Caribbean, Asia and Africa. She has developed ‘jargon-free’ methods to help people build their resilience in the face of difficulties and lead a more fulfilling life. The methods are based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, which has a strong evidence-base and uses mindfulness and values work to help people live the life they want. She offers individual and family therapy and Enhance Living classes in Kent. Dr Perera also provides supervision and training for therapists interested in learning how to use ACT in their practice.



Ruta Juceviciute

Studied Digital Media and Information at the University of Glasgow as well as MSc Serious Games and Virtual Reality at the Glasgow School of Art. She has helped to set up Enhance Living and continues to provide essential digital and adminstrative support. Ruta is interested in new technologies and their potential and application in order to help people in problem solving and enhancement of their performance as well as well-being. 


Enhance Living is committed to helping people live according to their own values. We teach skills for effective living that can reduce conflict, focus on what is important and take action. We believe that when people take charge of their lives they are happier and more effective, which makes their life and our world a better place. 



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