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Skills for the long winding road of life

To escape from doubt, negative thinking and inaction that stop us from having a life worth living.

Enhance Living Course












         Games, activities and discussions, to              understand how our mind works














         Exercises to gain ‘light bulb’ moments            that makes sense of things in our life














         Learn to catch tricky thoughts and                  feelings that get in the way of doing              what is important



What can you expect?


Enhance Living courses help participants to feel comfortable with one another. The courses have group and individual activities, which are enjoyable and bring about insight.



Courses are designed to suit your organisation or client needs. We have 6-8 week courses of 1-2 hours a week. To benefit from the course attendance for the whole course is recommended, because each day will build on knowledge gained from previous days. Alternatively, 3 day intensive courses or shorter 1/2 day training and talks are available.



  • Games for learning

  • Paper exercises and pop quizzes

  • Imaging exercises

  • Wisdom creating exercises

  • Daily skills to practise at home


What you need to bring

  • An open mind that things can be different

  • Honesty about what you experience

  • Willingness to respect the effort that you and others are making on the course. 

  • Commitment to practise the exercises at least 5 minutes daily


If you bring these things to the course, we guarantee that you will be more content, effective and have better relationships.



What are the benefits?

How does it work?

Enhance Living courses and talks will help you to understand how your mind gets programmed to believe certain things that cause upset, and make us behave in unhelpful ways. Through these courses, you will gain mastery over how you feel, behave and decide what direction to take your life. 


Gain Skills

During our meetings, you will be introduced to skills that will help you to manage difficult feelings, thoughts and impulses to act. The skills are not difficult to learn, but they do require regular practice. So do be patient with yourself and persevere, so that they become familiar and easy to access when you need them.

It’s like learning a sport: at first you feel uncoordinated, awkward and clumsy. Then the more you practise, and tweek your knowledge, the more you enjoy the sport and can perform well during a match. The skills will gradually become part of you, but practise makes that possible. 


Identify what's important to you

There is little point in learning about your mind and new skills if you haven’t got a life direction that you want to move in. So we will work that out during the course, and look at the barriers within yourself, as well as outside of you, that stop you from being your best.


Contact us if...

  • Self-doubt stops you from taking action

  • You react with anger, frustration or withdraw in some situations and then regret how you've behaved 

  • Find you do things to please or rebel against others

  • Feel stuck and don't know how to have the life you want.


CALL: 07896045904


TWEET: @enhanceliving

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