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  • Will I need to talk about myself in the class?

There is no pressure to talk about yourself. We use general examples to illustrate common problems. The activities are fun exercises to demonstrate how our brains work and individual exercises to identify what is uniquely important to each person. You are free to contribute as little or as much as you want in the class. If you have a specific difficulty to work on, let Dr Perera know in advance and she can incorporate this topic into the class without drawing attention to anyone specifically.

  • Can I come with family or friends?

Sometimes when you do something new, it can feel easier if someone you know is with you. You are not expected to share personal information, so it shouldn’t feel embarrassing to have people you know in the class.

Another important benefit is that you might be able to help each other to practice the exercises that you learned in the class and keep the learning ‘alive’ for each other. To help with this, we offer a 5% reduction for every additional person you bring up to a maximum of 4 people.


  • Are the classes open to men and women?

We find that the class works well regardless of whether they have men or women participating. We find that society sets men and women apart but we can have similar concerns, or wishes for the future.


  • What age are the classes aimed at?

Enhance Living classes are for adults, so anyone over 18 years. We run separate WIT classes for adolescents of secondary school age (age 11-17). Please let us know which of these classes interest you.

  • Who will the other people in the group be?

We do not expect people to share personal information, aside from their first name, unless they want to. So the process of knowing each other is gradual and will depend on the unique mix of each group.

  • Will I need to join in with group work?

The majority of exercises are done individually so there won’t be group work. However, we ask that you do the tasks and experience the exercises so you can practice them away from the class and get their maximum benefit. Each group is different and the facilitator will mix up activities depending on how the group members are together.

  • Will I get what I need from just one day?

The one-day Enhance Living class is a summary of the longer 7 weeks Enhance Living course. You will gain some insights (light-bulb moments) that will change the way you look at things and behave. The one day courses are not as comprehensive as the longer courses, and are usually tailored to meet specific topics such as Managing Stress or Working with Adolescents. The benefits will continue if you put the skills into practice. Some, but not all, people decide at a later date that further support is useful and take another class or meet Dr Perera individually. Sometimes group members like to stay in touch to help keep up with their practice.

  • Will refreshment and lunch be provided?

Usually, tea, coffee and biscuits will be available during the day. Sometimes lunch is provided in the venue price or to keep costs down participants will sometimes need to bring their own lunch. The details will be made clear before you book.

  • Will there be materials to take away and do at home?

We provide some handouts but we find that participants usually like to make their own notes about their personal insights. We provide pens and notepads for everyone.

  • Will parking space be available?

Information about parking availability will vary from venue to venue. Information will be provided on booking.

  • Will there be more courses, if I can't come on these dates?

Future event details will be on If you are interested in joining a class, get in touch and let us know, so that we can arrange events sooner!

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