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Be free to make      your own choices

with Enhance Living

What is Enhance Living?

Enhance Living support individuals and organisations to manage difficulties, so that they can enjoy life, be more effective and contribute to a stronger and better society.


We provide training and advice to organisations to help their staff, and clients, to be more psychologically fit so that they can take action on what is important.


Enhance Living uses evidence-based approaches to help people identify their own values and teach skills and knowledge necessary to live by those values every day. For the individual, this means a rich and fulfilling life. For the organisation it means happier and effective staff.

Who can Enhance Living help?

Enhance Living supports organisations to help their staff, clients or students to be more resilient, live according to their values and be more effective in their day to day activities.


Enhance Living helps improve:


  • Communication at work and at home

  • Manage stress and be more effective

  • Clearer thinking 

  • Self-confidence

  • Gain purpose in life 

  • Physical pain management

  • Concentration

  • Feel calmer and in control




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